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Michigan state COVID-19 update provided by Hladik, Onorato, Federman, LLP

Posted: 08/27/20

Michigan’s current state of emergency has been extended and continues through September 4, 2020.  Despite that declaration, the eviction moratorium has expired as of July 15, 2020.  Some individual jurisdictions had extended the moratorium within their district (i.e.: Detroit -36th District extended through August 15, 2020), however, all additional extensions have since expired.  In the place of the moratorium, Michigan has adopted an “Eviction Diversion Program” which provides government assistance to landlords/tenants.  The optional assistance allows eligible tenants to receive 90% of the total amount due for payment to their landlord.  However, restrictions to application of this assistance include:

  1. the debt must be Covid-19 housing debt. Non Covid related debt must be paid in a lump sum or as agreed upon in a conditional dismissal.
  2. Conditional dismissal including rental assistance through this program must be paid in 12 equal monthly payments
  3. agreement from the landlord to waive late fees/penalties and forgiveness 1/9 on one dollar or the remaining amount due (example of this is given in the attached executive order).

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