“I was going to build my own network of foreclosure attorneys to establish more control over default services,” Will noted. “But Hello Solutions won me over with a compelling combination of incredible process speed and pre-screened, high-quality firms.”

 Hello Solutions – founded by industry veteran Leisha Delgado – connects servicers and investors with a network of attorney firms across the country who specialize in default servicing and are recognized experts in their respective states. Processing foreclosures within half the approved time of the published Fannie Mae timelines.

 “The focus on timelines was what hooked me. Most firms say they’re focused on meeting the timelines, but the Hello Solutions firms are performing at half – and sometimes even a third – of the time allowed by Fannie Mae.”

– John Will, Vice President of Loss Mitigation, Verus Mortgage Capital

 Will believes that a big reason for this is the type of firms that Delgado selects to become Network members. “Smaller firms are more nimble; bigger firms sometimes become more like an assembly line, and don’t necessarily press through to get the foreclosures done as quickly as possible. Every attorney firm knows state timelines and procedures, but the only way to truly expedite the process is to devote personal attention to each individual loan, and there’s a benefit to working with a firm that has a good reputation with the state’s courts and regulators.”

Selecting the Hello Solutions Network, by Will’s estimation, saved him “at least six months and probably hundreds of hours” that he would have spent finding firms and doing due diligence to determine which firms to select. “Leisha has expertise in default servicing, and I trust that she’ll only recommend firms that meet the highest standards.”

 Will says that he’s getting the best of all worlds – big firm expertise with boutique firm personal attention, and national coverage through a single point of contact. “I’ve met the Managing Partners from all of the firms in the network, and believe that I can count on them to get involved personally on a file if I need them to.”

“Increased speed equals reduced losses. And I believe that Leisha and her firms are committed to helping me do just that.”